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Kirsty Hume - VSFS 1999

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"It’s said that under the Act of Master Restitution, President Romana opened a peace treaty with the Daleks. Others claim that the Etra Prime Incident began the escalation of warfare. But whatever the cause - and it’s almost certain that the full story has yet to be uncovered - the terrible War began. The Time Lords reached back into their own history, to assemble a fleet of Bowships, Black Hole Carriers and N-Forms; the Daleks unleashed the full might of the Deathsmiths of Goth, and launched an awesome fleet into the Vortex, led by the Emperor himself."

written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 Annual

  • holy fuck President Romana you are perfect
  • lmao rtd your names for things i love you
  • "Deathsmiths of Goth"
  • i am dying here

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"In San Francisco last year, a man stabbed a woman in the face and arm after she didn’t respond positively to his sexually harassing her on the street.

In Bradenton, Fla., a man shot a high school senior to death after she and her friends refused to perform oral sex at his request.

In Chicago, a scared 15-year-old was hit by a car and died after she tried escaping from harassers on a bus.

Again, in Chicago, a man grabbed a 19-year-old walking on a public thoroughfare, pulled her onto a gangway and assaulted her.

In Savannah, Georgia, a woman was walking alone at night and three men approached her. She ignored them, but they pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

In Manhattan, a 29-year-old pregnant woman was killed when men catcalling from a van drove onto the sidewalk and hit her and her friend.

Last week, a runner in California — a woman — was stopped and asked, by a strange man in a car, if she wanted a ride. When she declined he ran her over twice.

FUCK YOU if you think that street harassment is a “compliment” or “no big deal” or that it’s “irrational” of us to be afraid because “what’s actually gonna happen.” Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you some more."
Street Harassment: Is a Man Running Over a 14-Year Old Girl for Refusing Sex Serious Enough? | Soraya Chemaly  (via mooncrumbs)

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irony-completed said:

I've got a similar story to meglanne: my councillor once told me my self esteem (and as a knock on effect my severe anxiety and depression) would improve if I got a boyfriend. I immediately asked to be switched to someone different.


Good.  Fuck doctors/counselors who blame ANY health issue on a person’s fucking relationship status.  I can’t believe that’s even a thing.

Jacket and tie! … You’re going to dress up and give a toast about what you’re thankful for. 

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Important reminder that because virginity is a made-up construct, you are allowed to call yourself a virgin or not based on YOUR criteria for what defines virginity. If you have only had intercourse in the form of rape, you are allowed to still call yourself a virgin. If you have only had sex that…

#me while watching my favourite show/movie

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Fluffneck Luka (old photo)


i cant get over this

now that is a princess fairy tale dress